At the crossroads of cross-boarder convenience

Silicon Border is only five miles south of U.S. Interstate 8, the “Sun Corridor” leading to San Diego to the west, and Phoenix/Tucson to the east.

A new special Silicon Border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico has been approved, and border crossing sites with the most advanced technology for quick processing will soon be constructed.

The Mexicali International Airport provides for air freight shipping and in conjunction with Yuma, Arizona (40 miles to the east of Mexicali) enables air freight shipping across North America and passenger transportation to major Mexican cities. Additionally, Silicon Border is only two hours by highway from airports in San Diego, and three hours from aviation in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Proximity to seaports in Los Angeles/Long Beach and San Diego may become even more attractive if a proposal to connect Mexicali to the Gulf of California by canal is realized.

It is also possible to extend a rail spur to the Silicon Border project. This has been considered in conjunction with the rail access for the Port of Lazaro Cardenas expansion project.

Shipping Times Via Truck and Air