Abundant, reliable power - ours or yours

We know that high tech manufacturing requires not only plentiful and dependable electricity, but generation redundancy to mitigate the risk of blackouts. That’s why we chose a location with two separate gas-fired power facilities and a geothermal electrical plant not far from our science park.

These plants all feed into one electrical substation bordering Silicon Border, and a high-speed “loop” distribution system assures that your operation will always have at least two paths to clean power.

And if you’re in the energy business, there’s no better real estate in the world to generate solar and many other types of renewable power. Silicon Border is custom-planned for selling renewable energy with high voltage capability to transmit directly to the Southern California grid - one of the hungriest regional energy markets in the world – plus a Mexican grid market serving almost 4 people in the Mexicali-Tijuana corridor.

Three high tension transmission lines run adjacent to the Silicon Border project with the capacity to serve both the U.S. and Mexico.

Natural gas is available from Ecogas, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy.

Approved International Transmission Line for Renewable Energy